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As the leading complaint resolution platform, Scambook's primary purpose is to give consumers like you a voice. Whether you're a victim of fraud or bad business practices, we aim to help share your story and even find a resolution. We are here to provide a platform where we can help you spread the word and fight against scammers, fraud, and bad business.

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Scambook is a complaint resolution platform where consumers are able to submit complaints against fraudulent companies and bad businesses to share their experiences. Start here to report your experience with fraud, scams or any other complaint you may have as a consumer. Why not report? It's free and there is an opportunity for you to reach a resolution- you could get your money back!

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The Scambook Compliance and Investigation Teams review and research your complaint. Our Investigators establishes contact with the company or individual your complaint is against. This notifies them to begin the resolution process. If you simply want to be heard, your voice will add support and recognition in the fight against scammers and fraudulent businesses. Making a difference is just that easy.



Scambook will notify you of any changes or updates to your complaint in your Scambook Dashboard. Our Account Managers work hard to get complaints resolved. Scambook has already achieved more than
$10 million (and counting) in resolutions for consumers like you. All you have to do is share your story.

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news on reuters

Are the new dispute-resolution sites on your side?

Published by Mitch Lipka Feb 22, 2013

"From a business point of view, [Scambook] gives us an opportunity to show that we did this, we did that... then say, regardless, here's your money and it's resolved," [business owner] Oscar Amar says. "It's not like other websites where people just rant."

news on fox news

Fox News: Online platform obtaining justice for consumers

Published by Fox News Feb 15, 2013

"Kase Chong from Scambook tells us how you can reduce the risk online with a platform dedicated to justice for consumers"

news on forbes

Forbes SportsMoney: Last Minute Guide To Super Bowl XLVII

Published by Alana Glass Feb 03, 2013

"Scambook urge fans to take the following precautions: ... Look out for red flags such as the ticket price being extremely low compared to the average price on other listings."

news on boston

The Boston Globe: For scammers, text messages, online ads offer more ways to cheat consumers

Published by Susan Salisbury Jan 31, 2013

"Scambook, a Los Angeles company that helps consumers resolve complaints of all kinds, said scammers prey on a need, most often to save or make money quickly."

news on pcworld

PC World: McAfee: Web users should watch out for holiday scams

Published by Grant Gross Nob 13, 2012

"Scambook, an online complaint resolution platform, has issued a warning about a text-message campaign telling recipients they have won a US$1,000 Best Buy gift card. "

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Average client satisfaction rating is 4.6 stars out of 5 stars for Scambook

  • 5/5

I am so happy I found Scambook. I placed a complaint recently; I can’t believe how much you guys are doing to help me!!! I had placed a complaint already with the BBB online, and they didn’t do nearly as much! What a terrific service. Thanks for sticking up for the “little people”!

Found Resolution says
April / 2013
  • 5/5

Thanks to this website, I was able to cancel my PayPal payment before it went through....Whew, I ALMOST got ripped off! I found it odd I didn't get a confirmation e-mail so I googled the company and found all these complaints. I think PayPal better wise up and check out their vendors before serving them and taking our money!Thank you scambook for calling out these rip offs!

Happy Consumer says
April / 2013
  • 5/5

While reviewing our online account info, discovered an unauthorized amount pending. A quick Google search led me here to ScamBook.com to find we weren't the only one to be in this position. Thank you, ScamBook and thank you to our financial institution who remedied the incident immediately.

Savvy Consumer says
March / 2013

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Have a Complaint? Report It and Get It Resolved!

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